Monday, August 8, 2011

August 5th

Today we got to go to Xerox in Webster! I love field trips, and not just because of the free food (although that is quite nice!). We went to Amiel's first and got some subs. After lunch we proceeded up to Webster. Our visit started out with a presentation by Xerox engineers on all the cool stuff they are developing. One man talked about how his team is developing a detector that can tell if someone is smoking at a gas station, and another lady talked about creating custom medical videos for patients. I think my favorite thing they discussed were the tickets Xerox can create that when scanned with UV light, one can determine their authenticity. I really enjoyed the presentation. It is cool to see how innovative Xerox is being.

Then we had a tour of their manufacturing center where we saw how they made these gigantic printers (also valued at about $600,000). Although it wasn't as interesting as hearing the engineers speak, it still was pretty cool.

The field trip basically took up the entire day, but it was definitely worth it. Matt and I will continue on with our work on Monday.

Halle, SC

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