Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15th

It's just another manic Monday. Just kidding. It really wasn't. Things in space weather are really beginning to wrap up nicely and it's nice to see the final pieces begin to come together. The powerpoint is literally almost done, and we started the paper today. Well, we had already started some of it, but we put it in a word document today titled "Research Paper", which just felt really great to do.

Special thanks to Bethany for taking the interns out to lunch today with the potential student. I haven't actually eaten at Crossroads before, so that was kinda fun. And it was nice to eat with all the interns. The girl who we explained our project to seemed really nice, and I realized the complexity of our project as I tried to explain it to her. So I guess the actual presentation should be super fun...right?

Halle, SC

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  1. Word up. You guys did a great job explaining; can't wait to see your actual presentation!