Friday, August 5, 2011

August 4th

Matt finished all of his math today! Yay! We've only been working with excel for days and weeks and what seems like eternity. So this was very exciting news. What this means is that we will now be able to look at CMEs and determine whether or not it will hit Mars, which was basically our final goal.

I'm not sure sure if this means that all of our research is done, because it seems a little early for that. However, we still have plenty to do. We are going to work on assembling our paper, which will take plenty of time. We have a lot of research to organize and document. 

Today was also our cookout. We're going to Xerox tomorrow so we chose to have it today. With several interns missing, everyone had to step up their game. After we ate, we engaged in a lovely game of frisbee! Sadly, things got a little out of hand and we got a frisbee stuck in a tree. Go us.

Luckily, we have Matt (other Matt) to climb in the tree and get it.

Our cookouts are always fun, even for Bob, who expressed his hip side to us.

Oh what a fun day it was!

Halle, SC

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