Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th

Today wasn't what I would necessarily classify as exciting, but nonetheless, things were accomplished. In the morning, we discovered that the data I had given Matt wasn't exactly fitting for what he was hoping to accomplish. Because of this, we had to take a different approach. So once afternoon rolled around, all we had to do is add another column to our data chart. Sadly, there are 100 rows in the chart so this would involve quite a bit of work. Frustrated and confused, we called on Dr. D. for some assistance. So he came down to the lab and gave us some guidance, which made our task a lot more manageable. Instead of doing all 100 points, he helped us narrow down what was to be recalculated, which made the task much more feasible. We got started on it today, and  this will hopefully be completed on Monday. We shall see.

There wasn't anything eventful today, although we did find a new lunch location. Instead of sitting at Global Village, we decided to sit beneath the trees in the shade, which was a nice switch. Only half of the group joined us, however, because the guys insisted they needed to sit at tables. But hey, we still had a good time.

So it's currently Friday afternoon and I'm hitting the 4 o'clock slump. I've been looking at the same graphs for hours so I may go check out some other labs when I'm done blogging. Have a good weekend everyone!

Halle, SC

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