Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13th

Today was a good day. As far as my project goes, I got quite a bit accomplished. I am now taking the different velocities I have found and graphing them versus the time it takes the CMEs to reach earth. I already had about 10 data points, but Dr. D. informed me that I need at least 100. Greeeeeeat. At least it will keep me busy for a while, and looking at the images of the CMEs is quite interesting. In case any of this doesn't make sense, maybe looking at our chalk board will clear things up...

No? It doesn't? I mean the diagrams make the concept look so easy! (Sarcasm). But no, it isn't that bad, and I'm really enjoying space weather so far!

Today was also exciting because Kelsey, Evelyn, and I took a trip to the RIT library! I hadn't been there before, so it was a fun, new experience. First, we discovered the very small elevator. Although rather scary, we found it entertaining. As you can see below, Kelsey was having a good time.

And then came my favorite part of the library. I found an entire encyclopedia collection on Physics. For some reason this made me extremely happy. I might be taking a few more visits to this library this summer...and by might I mean I most definitely will be.

One last fun thing happened today. We discovered that if you go watch fun scientific movies at noon on Wednesdays, you get free pizza and soda. To be honest, I went solely for the free food, but the lectures by Jeff Hawkins on The Genesis of Palm Computing were actually really interesting and educational. I'm thinking about making theseWednesday movies a pattern.

So, in conclusion, today was great :]

Halle, SC

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